New prizes from 25th August 2023

We’re making some changes to the St Marys weekly lottery, from Friday 25th August we are increasing the number of prizes given away each week from 14 to 31! You will also now have the chance to win 5 prize entries into the next draw, increasing your odds of winning even further.

This means you’ll have more chance of winning a prize each week – and even better, we’re introducing Direct Credit as a method of paying out prizes to our members that play via Direct Debit. This means, should be one of our lucky winners, your prize money will be paid directly into the bank account, your monthly lottery payment is deducted from. You can start enjoying your prize even quicker.

*All other payment methods (Debit Card/Cheque/Cash) will receive a cheque letter with the win amount, following the draw, should your lottery number(s) be drawn.

Each Friday we will also now be giving away 5 prize entries into the next draw, to 20 lucky members increasing your odds of winning even further!

From Friday 25th August, our prizes will be:

1st prize
Up to £10,000
Our rollover prize increases by £200 each week if it's not won.
3rd prize
4th prizes
5th prizes
6th prizes
5 prize entriesx20

If you would like any further information, or have any queries about the changes we’re making, please do not hesitate to contact our fundraising team on 01229 580305, or you can email us at

You can also find more information in our Lottery Terms and Conditions.


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