From just £1 per week, you could win:

1st prize
Our weekly guaranteed jackpot prize. Yours to spend however you wish!
Up to £10,000
Our rollover prize increases by £200 each week if it's not won.
3rd prize
Treat yourself to something nice with our cool £100 third place prize.
4th prizes
There’s also three fourth place prizes of a £50.
5th prizes
We’re giving you 5 more chances to win with our £20 cash prizes.
6th prizes
5 prize entriesx20
20 lucky lottery winners will get 5 prize entries in to the next draw!

Play for a chance to win up to £1,000 each week

The St Mary’s Lottery is a fun and simple way to support our work. Each Lottery number costs just £1 per week to play for the chance to win one of 31 weekly prizes.

Win up to £1,000 each week and become one of the amazing people that now help us to care for 1 in 5 of our patients.

Our Lottery members are very important to us. We know that in these difficult times people don’t always have a lot of money to give, but our weekly Lottery members make a tremendous difference to our work. Lottery members are now responsible for generating 20% of the voluntary income we need to run our services.

  • 1st prize: £1,000
  • 2nd prize: Rollover starting at £200 & peaking at £10,000 where a winner will be guaranteed!
  • 3rd prize: £100
  • 4th prize: 3 prizes of £50
  • 5th prize: 5 prizes of £20
  • 6th prize: 20 prizes of 5 prize entries into the next draw.

Please note that the winning lottery numbers are published on our website and displayed in our shops.

You can join our Lottery today by clicking to play now. Or by calling our Fundraising Team on 01229 580305. Good luck! And thank you for your support.

How does the lottery work?

When you join the lottery, you will be given a unique 6-digit lottery number which remains yours for the duration of your membership. This number will be entered into all the weekly draws as long as you remain in credit.

Every Friday, 30 guaranteed winners are selected using a Gambling Commission approved Random Number Generator. There's also an additional chance for one of our lottery players to win that week's current Rollover prize. The rollover prize starts at £200 and increases by £200 each week it is not won. If the rollover amount hits £10,000, it becomes a guaranteed prize for that week's draw!

If you win, you don't need to worry about claiming your prize - all prizes are sent to winners automatically via a cheque in the post.

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You can now buy gift vouchers for The St Mary's lottery, a gift that both supports us and gives your recipient a chance to win up to £1,000.

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